Born in the middle 70's one might think that it would make more sense if I belonged to the

Playstation era. Even though I could kill an hour playing videogames nothing gives the same

gratification as a real hobby does. I consider slotcars as one of my "real" hobbies. The other

hobbies being music and boardgames.


Why a homepage about this, I say why not??? Slotcars and racing with slotcars has gone

from the most popular hobby hailing from the 60's to a small scale hobby for older and

younger enthusiasts. Nowadays people are building great tracks and also great looking cars.

I want to try and bring slotcars into the open again and show people that this hobby is still

alive and kicking. And one of the best ways to do that is to strut your stuff on the internet

and hook up with other great people around the country.

I use to say that while some people kill a couple of hours with the Xbox I hook up with some

other people, about ten of them everytime and have a laugh while racing and admiring each

others cars and exchanging tuningtips etc.