Here you will find some of my cars, just click the pictures to see more. All of these cars have

been either built by hand or just repainted. And in some cases you'll find complete scratchbuilt

cars from static models. This is for me the real fun part of this wonderful hobby.




Routed track - Col De La Bonette

This is or was my scrapped attempt at building my own routed wooden track. In no way did I fail - I just lost interest in the scenerypart of the track and realised that my big plans would never be accomplished. Shortly after coming to that conclushion I tore the track down.

Of course I saved all the pictures from the building progress.



Fly Ford Capri L'equipe Slotslut Esso

This car was a succes even before I started working on it. The cars brutal looks and hefty lines in the body makes for a great and raw looking car. This car was purpose built and laquered for our open Group 5 class in the club. It was a winner straight out of the box.

1 race and one dominant victory for this car.

Fly Porsche 908/3 French privateer outfit

Found this model at a great price and decided to try and do something cool with the car. I guess I upset some hardcore "Porschistas" when I simply bless the car with a completely French sponsor scheme. Even though it might been highly unlikely that French goverment companies would sponsor a german-make car I went for it. Tried to make some sharp cut-off lines on the sides and splash the hubs with matching colors.

Fly Porsche 917 LH L'equipe Yacco

For some people the source of inspiration is obvious. And yes, I plain and simply tried to create my own "psychadelic" livery with the blue & green Martini Porsches in mind.

Unfortunately this car is underperforming on track. Best - and only finish is 6th.

Scalextric Ford GT40 Slotslut/Toblerone

Here is another purpose customized car. A friend invited me and some other people to a race with GT40's on his hometrack. Since this was going to be a single make class I wanted to make sure that I had something unique in the field of GT40's. I think that this livery proves that you shouldn't be afraid to use the odd colors now and then.

I came home in second place in the race with this car. Audi R8C L'equipe Slotslut

I think that I'm not alone thinking this Audi is one ugly looking car? But when Swedish Slotshop had an offer on whitebodys I decided to try and make an interesting livery for myself. This is the car that pretty much lit my fire when it comes to creating my own liverys. There has been, and will be lot's of own liverys after this one.

I ran this car in a mag-race and ended up second in a hard fought battle with Martin.

Ninco Renault Megane Trophy Team Yacco

For some people the source of inspiration is obvious. And yes, I plain and simply tried to create my own "psychadelic" livery with the blue & green Martini Porsches in mind.

This car has never been raced in the club. But I did drive this car to the national finals and a sweet third place. One could say that the race exceeded all my expectations.


Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro "Frenchy"

I already had a Camaro, but when this whitekit passed my by I sold the other Camaro and bought this one. Tried to create a fantasy car of a Franch driver called "Frenchy" that raced in the states with the other pony cars.

We are yet to race these nice cars in the club. But I did win a hotlap competition with this car.


Sloter Ferrari 312P L'equipe Yacco

This car is one of my favorites. I love racing the sloter cars. At first the car was not up to speed at all. But I had decided for myself to break the Lola-dominance in the startingfield so I just kept grinding in the pinion and gears. And after stubborn testing the car finally was up to speed.

First race out I chased Dawid in a race-long battle to the finishline. In the second race I won.


Sloter Lola T290 L'equipe Yacco

When I did this car I was thinking of a privateer outfit maybe listed in races like the Targa Florio and so on.

This car has only been raced in 4-race series. And after enduring one technical breakdown after the other I actually managed to claim the victory by one point. Gotta' love the Lolita. Porsche 956 L'equipe Yacco

This car was done at the same time I was working with the Audi. And I am yet to race this car. But I have now decided to have a go with this car in the next race with Group C cars. Box stock or "open" won't matter.


Fly Corvette C5R Marlboro Racing

Not the ideal car to go racing with. This is a stock inline front engine car. But sometimes (read; always) for me - looks is everything when it comes to racing. You simply have to line up with a nice piece of machinery. And so I did, and I must say that I did myself proud. I did beat two cars to the line and crossed the line in fourth! 

Flyers MK Riley UFC Hit n Run Racing

Not the ideal livery for a race car. But since the majority in the club voted for a race with these butt-ugly cars I simply had to make sure I had a sick livery. Inspired by Löörs "IHP - I Hate Picnics"-Nascar i came up with "UFC - Ugly Fucking Car". And while I was at it I got inspired by Ralf Schumacher hitting his pitcrew while pitting. Kinda' looks like his Toyota too *lol*

Oh yeah the race - I was tailfishing my way to last place!!!

NSR Renault Clio Cup Gitanes

This was what is widely known as a "no-brainer". I love small cars, and I like'em quick. And I like to go to work on white kit's. Enter the NSR Clio white kit. Together with my Capri on top of this page I consider this my hottest creation to date. I don't think that these cars need any presentation, if you don't have one go get one. NSR is pure racing machinery straight out tha' box!!! *period*

Raced it to second place and clinched a 8-series victory in the final round. 

NSR Renault Clio Cup Liqui Moly

*Ehrm* - what can I say. I had to go to work on my other Clio who was wearing a ugly box-stock yellow presentation livery.

Since I already had my hot car (above) I did actually lend this car to a friend in a race with strict teamorders to let me pass at any time. Orders wich was not followed of course! 

Scalextric Ford Mondeo "Drive-by"

I had this old car laying around and I thought I should do something fun with it. And this is what I did. A east L.A drive by.

Scratchbuild Hummer H2 Gulf

I came under heavy fire after expressing my thoughts about both Hummers and the Gulf livery. So to silence my friends at the Swedish slotcarforum I had a go at making a Gulf sponsored dragracer. Equipped with a NSR King 46k engine and NSR supergrip tires this ugly beast should make the challangers start studdering. 

Scratchbuild TRS Teamtruck

This is a mean piece of machinery. With som serious rearend grip and suprisingly good handling this is a van with awsome straightline speed and also decent cornering capabilities.

The body is a snaptite static model, and as always there is a very potent HRS chassie underneath. 

Sloter Zytek BP

LMP cars has never been an eyecatcher for me. But when I was visiting Janne at Swedish Slotshop and saw this cars raw looks and wide body I simply couldn't resist. I bought this whitekit and took a livery planned for another car and painted the drivers helmet like former F1 driver Jaques Lafitte. If there will be an oppurtunity to race LMP cars with lightweight interior this car will be the weapon of choice.

MG Vanquish Lola T260 Yacco

The Vanquish cars are wonderful. It's a shame that they are out of production today. I have a couple of these cars but this is the only one that has been repainted to date. I raced this car in our club series. I did manage to steal third overall but at a price. Car after car broke down. Perhaps a bit fragile car but a blast to drive. Lancia LC2 Gitanes

This car went from whitekit to race-ready within 36hrs. I just love the deep - but still clear blue color. First race in our Gr C open was alright, third place. But when I re-configured the car to boxstock setup and went at it again I couldn't manage better than seventh. The third time I raced this car I managed to score another third place. Nissan 390 Yacco

Another one of's whitekit's. When I aquired this car there was no race planned for these cars. It's hard to explain, but no matter what model it is, as long as it is a you got to have one. The pictures doesn't show how nice the black color is. IRL it looks like a semi-matt/metallic black.

In january we will have our first race with GT-cars. We will see how this car will fare in that race.


Fly Lola T70 MKIII Ecurie Signorelli Perrier

This is the best looking Fly Classic if you ask me. We were going to run a Le Mans nightrace. So in this car I installed head- and rearlights. Looked great when I tested it. But from the first lap and on it broke down. So no lights - a damn shame since this is one of my favourite cars. I finished a season low 10th out of 15 starting drivers. We'll see if I'll give this car another chance. Audi R8C Team SlotSlut Kronenbourg

I really like beer - and when I drink beer I prefer to drink a cold Kronenbourg. I painted this car when Jens invited us to race on his enormous track. This was one of the last races outside our club and we raced with magnets.

I fought Magnus throughout the race and came home in second place. Jaguar XJR9 Blaupunkt

Another one of the white-kit's that was prepared for racing. Very simple livery. The idaa was that the blue rims in the front should represent the "blau-punkt". I think it's a cool livery. Cool enough to run the car home in second place in it's one and single outing so far.  

Ninco Corvette Sebring

A quick made livery. I always had a hard time with the "less is more"-mentality when it comes to classic cars. But I think I proved to myself that it can be cool at times to.

This is one of my fav' cars to drive. I raced it once and won once. Pretty descent result I think ;-)

Scratchbuild Porsche 911 GT2 Yacco

My first real attempt with a HRS1 chassie. It was a success. The car is one of the smoothest running cars I own. Gresat fun to drive but no class to race it in yet. 

Ninco Lamborghini Murcielago Agip

When I came home in third place in the Swedish finals I won a Ninco car with a pretty dull livery. So I repainted it and the first thing I did when trying the car out - break the rearwing right off!

No races yet since there is serious recistance against Ninco cars in the club.

Scratchbuild Seat Cupra Monster

I couldn't resist this sleek looking monster when it was on sale at Pendle's. At first I had a hard time coming up with a fitting livery. But after seeing some American supertruck racing the livery was quickly decided. Originally a SCX car but then rebuilt on a HRS2 chassie - my favourite chassie! 

Ninco Ferrari Testarossa

A really nice car to begin with. A Ferrari rarely need's a new livery. They just need to be red and that will do it - really. But for this race 3 other Testarossa's was listed. So the night before the race I just added my own "Ecurie Signorelli"-waterslides and added two typical white stripes on the left front fender to seperate my car from the other Ferraris.

I finished second in the race with this car.

MB Slot Pagani Zonda Team

I usually don't paint cars on request. But Leif at Slotcar4fun made me an offer I couldn't refuse. And this is what came out of it. Two smokin' hot Paganis. Note that drivers have diffirent helmets, also the rearview-mirrors differ makng sure that you can seperate them on track.

A big thank you to Leif for both support and patience.

Ninco Porsche 997 Freeones Gulf

No real plan for this car. Just bought the white car from Swedish Slotshop. And a couple of days later I came up with this "porn" livery. Don't visit the sponsor's website on your jobcomputer.

This car was later sold on Tradera - and ended up at another clubmember.

Scratchbuild Ferrari 512 BB LM

This was just typical me wanting that awsome lookiing racer to run a bit more smoothly. So what better way to do it than tossing the original Carrera chassie in the trashbin and replacing it with a HRS2 chassie?

Since I alwyas have liked the N.A.R.T simplicity in their liverys I took this oppurtunity to make myself one.