The "Slotery" is where I in short words just put down my thoughts on some things, the latest race a new car I've bought anything that crosses my mind for the time being.


 2009-08-30 //  Play it again Sam... The summer break was over and I think I speak for the whole crew of drivers when I say FINALLY! And even though one might think that I've had all summer long to prepare fo this race ... well I didn't. This summerbreak I fell in love, and you all know what that means.

So with the race looming 2 days ahead I was still soaking my self in the sea of love and hadn't given the word "race-preparation" a single thought. So I just took the car I raced in the Group C-open class and restored it to it's original condition, gave the rims and cockpit a splash of colour and considered myself as ready to race. The car, a Lancia LC2 was a good running car the last time around. But I came to the race without having done any laps with the car. I don't know if I should be happy or disappointed with my result? I came home in seventh place seven laps down on the winner. That means one lap differed between every driver in front of me. That's a close race for sure.

Oh, and the track was rebuilt and neither the other guys in the club or the guests had much running time before the race. Excuses excuses - I'd better win next time around I guess.


 2009-05-24 //  The last race before the summerbreak was something I really was looking forward to. Group 5 with box stock chassies and bodys, the rest was up to the driver to tune. The weapon of choice was a Fly Ford Capri DRM The preparations for the race could be as hectic as you'd want it to be. Testing tires, testing engines and trying diffirent gears etc. But I struck gold on the first outing. When I had primed the body on my car I couldnt resist a little shakedown and went to the clubtrack on my own and sat the car down in the slot. Damn, it really had a mean stance. And then I got down to business and ran the wheels of the car. I was blown away, the car behaved exactly like I want a car to drive. With a evil and confident grin I headed home and finished the paintjob wich I must say was very good. I still had to find out how the car would be running with it's full weight and all the interior etc. So there could still be some surprices. But hell no, it was even better!

The race then... well it was a slaughter to say the least. I won the race with a margin of 12 laps down to second place man who also was quick and held third place man another 11 laps behind him. Victory is of course sweet when you beat someone to the line. But total domination for once felt really good. But I for sure will have my friends breathing down my neck the next time around with these cars.

 2009-04-26 //  Today we raced one of our most, if not the most popular class in the club. We ran the Fly Classic LeMans cars as our fourth race of the year. As I wrote earlier I ran a for me totally new car wich no other driver has won with. But since I found the Porsche 917 LH to be a really nice model to customize with my own paintjob I decided to give it a chance. So heading into this race I hade some humble expectations but still wanted to do well and be the best Porsche 917. And that I did, I beat three other Porsche 917's on my way to 6th overall. One below my usual target (top-5). It was a great race today, we'll see if the Yacco Porsche will get another chance?

 2009-04-24 //  YES YES YES ... Today I won our first long series. We started a championship with 8 races from wich you take the six best results and add up. And when the dust had settled I stood tall as the winner of the championship. The fun thing with the championship is that every race was a new class. So the results have been very up n down from time to time. Of course there has been a couple of more consistant drivers in the top. But every race has felt like very close racing with very small margins for either failure or success.

 2009-04-07 //  Hmm, strange day at the races today. With a small margin I won the clubcar-race, and then I finished dead last in our Pick n Mix series. Not good, now I really need a strong finish in the last race. On a more positive note I today completed a shakedown of my car for the upcoming endurance race. And initially I must say that the performance was a pleasant surprise. I will work on the tyres some more and look at different ways to put weight in the car. It is always nice to have a good looking car running well! If you're gonna be on the podium you have to look good too, at least that's what I think.

 2009-04-06 //  Finished painting my challenger for the upcoming Fly Classic Lemans race. This is one of the races I have won before so my old racecar has been retired. The new one is a Fly Porsche 917 LH. I have heard from friends that the car tends to de-slot under acceleration. But I have some things I will try to improve the handling and make it suit my driving style. I love to grind down a new car in a race. Of course it would be nice to clinch a third straight endurance race victory. But I have to look at this race as practise but I will keep top-5 as my target.

 2009-03-29 //  VICTORY!!! How sweet it is. Today I fought off challanges from more than one of my friends and managed to win this months endurance race with my Corvette Sebring. This was the second straight victory.

 2009-03-25 //  For the first time we raced with classic F1 cars today. We had some great fun. I was very surprised when I found out that I landed second place. Even though I lost both wheels during the race. If I could manage to win the next race with the Rileys I clinch the championship no matter what.

 2009-03-12 //  Trashtime at the club today. We were racing Vanquish cars and my cars was running like shit. Jensa let me borrow a Lola chassie but that didn't help me. I thought I was either last or second to last today. So it was a pretty surprise to see my name in third place!

 2009-03-03 //  Another member left our club today. Felt a bit sad about it. At times I feel like people don't want to be part of our club. But I know that it's not the issue. People don't always have time to give time to this hobby.

 2009-03-01 //  Had a great day at the races. Won the monthly endurance race at our club. We raced Sloter cars and I had a great run with my Ferrari. The car delivered no matter wich lane it was running. It was a close race until the last heat where I managed to pull away and had a small cusion to second place wich where dealt with in a fierce battle between 3-4 other racers.

 2009-02-24 //  Wow, today I surpriced myself and the results widely exceeded my expectations. I won this weeks clubrace in a car I thought at best could lift me to a third place. Had a great battle with the other guys! We also had the final race in a 4-race series. Gave my friend a good run for his money. Three drivers finished in joint first place and we were seperated with a tiebreaker wich handed the title to a worthy winner and I had to settle for second. Totally cool with me since I had'nt rised my own expectations that much.